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  1. • Name, Nickname and Personal Information : My real name is Daniil and in game M4RkO., im 20 Years Old and i live in Russia - Saint-Petersburg • How long you have been in MTA ? : I started playing MTA in 2012 on an EPG server, played it for 2 years, then heard about FFS and in 2014 I switched to this server. While playing DM, I played it until 2017 and during this time I met many experienced players such as: N3zAx, Anero, Vizard and others. These people were very experienced players, for which I want to thank them. Later I joined the Anero’s clan called "The Furious Paladins". I left them quickly, I didn't lose for long there, the Anero clan quickly closed, and we all moved quickly to "Insane Skill Players", where the Vizard was the founder. But the ISP soon broke up, the founder became inactive. 2018-2019. I tried to participate in various WFF's, but it didn’t work out, I hope that soon I will succeed, and I will be better. I try to raise my skill playing HDM and OldSchool, but I'm closer to OldSchool. Recently, most often I play HDM. I often train in WFF mode, and every day I show the best results. (My career is long enough, there have been many changes, I tried to forget this game many times, but I kept coming back, I don’t know what to add.) • Previous Clans : Insane-Skill-Players (leader) - closed The-Furious-Paladins (leader) non-official - closed (reborned as iBUYFlower, but still inactive) Iron Will (member) - os squad closed Critical Source (Code "Sierra") (CW-Manager) - now Midnight Team (Trial) - I stayed for about a week, it was soon decided to close the os squad. • Why you would like to join INT ? : I want to become better, learn more. You have good people, very kind people, and I want to be closer to my best friend Anero. It's funny with you • What you can add and/or contribute to the team ? : Well, I hope only the best moments with me. Perhaps I will help to become a better clan, I will grow old not to move away from the company, and be polite with everyone. I myself am a good and kind person. My friend and I also make maps, we have a couple of maps, I also have my own, which I have not finished. • Something to add (optional) : My contacts, I have only a discord. *m4rk0#6193
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