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  1. • Nickname: Cristal • Real name: Paulo • Country: Brazil, SP, SP • Gender: Male • How old are you?: 25 • Your Contact (Skype, Discord etc.): PAULAO#8604 • For how long have you been playing MTA? Tell us a bit about your journey: I've been in the MTA since 2012, I had never given much thought to that but after I met DM I got more and more into MTA. • Which type of maps do you usually play?: Wff maps. • Previous clans (please provide a valid reason for leaving each clan): Tsw (Closed) , AiR (Closed) ,X5 (Closed) , Fr7 (Closed) , INT (Personal Problems), Nxr (No reason). • Why would you like to join INT? : I think it would be very good for me because of being with people that I like that would help me to return to playing the same before and also because of the learning. • How could you contribute to our team? : Well, I'm a very communicative person who likes to help people a lot. • Something to add (optional) : I'll be honest, I'm not at my best lately, but I want to go back and be the CARRY for INT.
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