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  1. Death Squad Leader (with serial): 🇨🇷 @Drim4k (E4A79615807DA6EBD90866ADCC4191E4) // Dr!m4k#9750 🇷🇺 @Nitrix (9BFF3A6EDB5993CFFC9B3F71927211B2) // Nitrix#1545 Members (with serials): 🇺🇾 @Hayden (CCD22EE8C382C22A7E2A8FCA36A934A1) // Hayden#9923 🇨🇴 @SyleR (D58608EF16F65C4F7838723F64991082) // SyleR'#6180 🇧🇷 @zumpax (8DDB5020075E14014DCE2BB643291DB4) // Zumpax#8727 🇧🇷 @vinny (3702710431C3D1ADD4FF83D2D70E7912) // vinny#3590
  2. 1. -Personal presentation (name, Nickname, age, current location): Well, my name is José Joaquin aka #Dr!m4k in-game. I was born in November 1999, so I’m 20 and currently living in a small town in San José, Costa Rica. 2. -Tell us about yourself (Story of your career in MTA): I started playing MTA in 2013 on the server XPG, in the zombie’s mode then the same community of XPG had a DM server, I spent in that way and i've been playing DM say almost 7 years. All that time not only DM I've played, I have also dedicated to Sh and scripter. I'm not very well known at MTA because I usually play alone and on (Middle East) servers. The last 2 years I wanted to be a WFF player, as I was attracted by that mode, I hope someday I'll be a great player in that mode. To finish my story I would like to say, that I am very inactive in the mornings since I work but always play at night. 3. -Clans in which you have been (Time you were in it, rank and exit reason): PpL (Pro Players Latin’s) 2013 / Administrator / Closed XrC (Xtreme Race Clan) 2013 / Trial / Closed TMK (The military Killers) 2014 / CW Manager / Closed |X5| (XTREME 5 Gaming) 2014 / Member / Closed - Left 3R// (3lite Racers) 2014 / Member / Left xBS// (Xtreme Backward Style) 2015 / Forum Manager / Closed LxG// (Latin’s xtreme Gamers) 2015 / Assistant Web Developer / Closed Rs! (Riders Skills) 2016 / Web Developer / Closed sL (Skilled Legacy) 2016 / Administrator / Closed iSR (Insane Style Racers) 2016 / Member / Kick – Left .exe (Executors Gaming) 2017 / Assistant Web Developer / Left Uns. (Unstoppables) 2017 / Web Developer / Closed [XPG] (Xtreme Pro Gamers) 2018 / Administrator / Closed Hsk (Hard Style Klown) 2018 / Recorder, Streamer / Closed RxG (Racers Xtreme Gamers) 2019 / Administrator / Left pS| (Pure Skills) 2019 / Administrator / Left iW// (Iron will) 2019 - March 2020 / Member / Left – No time to play MTA (inactivity) 3R// (3literacers) April – July 2020 / Member – Co-Leader Squad DM – Leader Squad DM / Left (for trouble with the managers) 4. -What are your goals in "Zeitgeist": My main goal in the team is to help in any way I can, be it in clan wars, WFF, internal events and I can also help as a web designer / scripter. 5. -How can we contact you (Skype, Discord, Whatsapp) ?: -Skype: Dreemax.mta -Discord: Dr!m4k#9750 -Whatsapp: (Anonymous) ¡Thanks for your time!
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