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  1. good luck finding legend maybe disaster could make a good jov
  2. gerc

    On the Rise

    thanks for this chance, I appreciate it so much 😁 gz to all trials too Nice video gerc
  3. gerc

    [DM] Snafi - Citified

    TRACK IS GOOD.l. kurwa
  4. wisi enim ad eos vita est ipsum bonum et pulchrum verba spero autem quod sit vita in plena fruges et praevalens
  5. send it but i got 3 maps and two special things already so you will have to wait a little bit
  7. make one for me
  8. Nickname(s), real name, age and location: My in-game name is Gerc, real name is Guillermo im twenty one years old and I am from Chile🆑 Tell us a bit about your MTA journey: I started playing on 2010 playing in a polish server called "Andromeda". Years later (end of 2013) I started playing in Hg// (Hell Gamers) server. I release my first volume called Brutal Mountains, I stopped on 2015 to start playing again in 2016, nothing interesting happened in back then. Later in the end of 2016 I started recording maps, releasing my first video on my channel. Lately I have been improving my editing skills a lot as people told me so Im proud of it Previous clans and reasons for leaving: (2014) ~Hg// Hell Gamers - I left because I was so noob (barely could finish sized vol 1 back then) (2 weeks) (2016) ISG// Insane Style Gamers - I left because I had some problems with a member (1 month aprox) (2016-17) [FR7] Furious Racing Seven - I left because I was inactive on the clan (3 months) (2017) HsK <-> B5 - A fusioned clans resulting an error, making all the members leave because a problem with the leaders after a CW with #BeastProject (1 month in both clans) (2017) UcS| Uncontrolled Skills - I left because I had no interest in the clan (2 months) (2017-18) UP| Unlimited Power - I had no interest on the clan after seeing many without motivation (2018) [MAD] Mafioso Auto Drivers - I had 0 contributions on that clan so I leave Why do you want to be a part of our family? Because I have few friends in there and I been talkin with many members inside the server and they look friendly so 😁 Which is the way you can help us to reach the top? I could give a hand to everything when it comes with designs (I dont make UI and these kind of things), maybe with trailers or banners and mainly to bring a nice presency to the clan. What social media do you use? Discord: Gerc#0059 Additional information (if needed): I have been getting in troubles before because I am mental retarded🤑 🤡🤡 also I highly recommend to check my channel if you like to get many eyegasms
  9. To enjoy the complete experience you should train the map before playing it on deathmatch arena. I suggest you to waste your time a little bit in training and I'm sure you will love the trip. This is just the start of many more maps that will be coming up the following months, I will keep the hard working for you all. Special thanks to the following players who helped me with their feedback through the process (in no particular order): @Gerc @Skaarj @Pablow @Rage @GuilhermE @Memphis @Glide @Thales @AkroM @NeiT - For helping me with text markers more information about the map in the description of the video
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