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  1. I sincerely recommend the lad, if you know what im sayin
  2. Rather an unexpected performance from both sides, not going to lie. Last 2 maps determined the victorious team, but it felt intense the whole time, really well played.
  3. The part I'm really interested in is where you seemingly fail to place that object at the end and screen goes black without seeing whether you put it properly or not
  4. It was the round on which issue regarding "car hide" was spotted and there was miscommunication between referees, thence state jumped forward and backwards. After which Nitrous Racing requested for us to change state to Free, but such thing has to be consentional, thence outgoing from that escalated question towards Xtreme Pro Racers representative, as both team consent of replaying match was received state was yet again changed to paused and round was replayed. I have been Referee for almost all of F5 WFF matches and I do not favour either of the clans, nor am part of any of the participating clans. Please do not make assumptions out of plain emotions simultaneously ignoring the facts. I sure hope you do not speak on behalf of your team, because that would be very humiliating and even pathetic to say something like that after all the efforts to ensure fair gameplay from my and other involved user behalf.
  5. Not quite sure to whom joy is the biggest of season concluding, the victorious teams or me aknowledging that there will finally be some free time, that I wont be spending on being a Referee.
  6. vvhy is gteatero in my group?
  7. I expected an russian anthem to be played, tho a happy year to you as well c :
  8. aside from you slowing down my death to 0.25x and showing it multiple times its great that shooter finally gets some spotlight even if only in form of reaction video, which is honestly great. ps. he cut out the parts where I got 360 slide + 180 roof 242kmh eyes closed, one hand frags.

    Ho Ho Ho!

    Warm welcome to new FoXX academia members. Great news and exciting teasers. I would like to use the opportunity to say that F5 SH thanks to N3xt is back on track and a lot of work has been put in for it to deliver enjoyable experience for shooter community users. Teams - start training and arranging your squads, because soon you'll be put in interesting and fresh format of tournament to prove yourself, for more information view F5 SH Information thread.
  10. Map is fine, but once I will finally finish the spawn I'll be able to leave more detailed comment 🤡
  11. This has to become FoXX anthem for real
  12. Put up the christmas lights already
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