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  1. I'm still not over this and doubt I will ever be
  2. Allow me to elaborate reason of your mute. To start off you had plenty of warnings not to pursue or at least move your conversation elsewhere to avoid being punished which you ignored and chose you'd rather insult me as an individual than listen to the warnings. With it said, you did have your warnings, thence you can drop it already. Next thing, comparing a mute for flooding and your infringement is nowhere close to even try to justify something or question the length of given mute. Not all mutes are applied based upon one particular guide, because that would make punishments rather unfair for certain occasions. Surely you might have encountered several people to whom no punishment was applied when they were doing something similar, yet again that does not justify your actions and as provided in logs - you're free to report them on forum/discord, if you feel like justice was not served or at least point that out to the moderator that is present rather than whining about it on non-related topics later on. If you have any further questions on the topic, please ask, although I feel like I wrapped everything in this paragraph.
  3. · T-Name: Force Out Xtreme · T-Logo: · T-Leader (with serial): [FoXX]CIFFON - TBA · T-Members (with serials): [FoXX]DarkyZ - TBA [FoXX]Sprite - TBA [FoXX]Simas - TBA [FoXX]Vildred - TBA
  4. Hello Community! To ease registration process we offer a convenient way to register your own shooter team for tournament. Forwarding Team Logo is not mandatory to participate, but given logos will be used for following season banners. Those who will not provide team logo will receive simple tag design logos in their chosen color. Official clans will receive slightly bigger size of tags on banner and will be in center. To register use template provided underneath and post it as a reply to this thread. Allowed count of members per team is 4 (minimum, because format will be 4 versus 4) to 6 , including team leader. In case of questions please read tournament introduction thread, for more information please make sure to contact one of the broadcast talent staff. Registration Template · T-Name: · T-Logo: · T-Leader (with serial): · T-Members (with serials): Yours faithfully, CIFFON & FoXX Leadership
  5. Hello Community! Today we are launching registration for our very first shooter tournament with unique format - unseen type of stages, interviews, streams, highlights, award raffles, betting, badges and a lot of other exciting stuff yet to be released. Without any further, ado read more about it down below and don't forget to register your own team and perhaps you will be the one to conquer all of the opposing teams yet to become victorious! What is Fast 5 Shooter? Fast 5 Shooter is diverse structure tournament with individual performance checkups and team play tests throughout all of four stages. What will this tournament contain? · Unseen qualification system with diverse tournament structure throughout stages. · Interviews with team representatives and most valuable players of per group. · Qualitative streams and highlights from moments with the best performance of participants. · Server-side award raffle, including – donator features, money and more. · Betting for supposing strongest tournament individuals and teams. · Special badges, generous prize-pool and fun spent time in great atmosphere. Broadcast Talent Broadcast Talent includes all of the members who are going to help this league to take place Host: · Force Out Xtreme (FoXX) Observers & Referees: · Joaowsky · Qashqai · Inspra · Eleven Streamers: · Torque · Arrow Support: · Simas Editor: · Gerc Broadcast Talent list will remain the same for whole launching season, except for few special occasions when temporary guest talent will be announced within following tournament related threads. All of the Force Out Xtreme members are considered as partition of our broadcast talent, as they might frequently appear to help the tournament take place. Qualifier Format · The qualifier will include clash between 4 teams from which only 2 will qualify for the league after it concludes. · Teams that does not pass qualifier will be matched with alike opposers, starting second stage of qualifiers. · After second stage of qualifiers 2 of the participating teams are withdrawn from tournament. · Both qualifier stages are played with usernames covered, kill messages disabled and based upon individual performance. · Throughout qualifiers team aspect is not playing significant role, until the very end of 10 matches. · At the end of 10 matches kills are converted into points ( 1 kill = 2 points ) and team outcome is sum of member points. · Additional points are added outgoing from most valuable player list ( 25-15-10 ) , increasing likelihood of comeback. League Format · League matches will be more fractured than qualifier and will be played between 2 teams per match. · Team that does not pass league will be matched with alike opposer, starting second stage of league. · After second stage of league 1 of the participating teams is withdrawn from tournament. · Both league stages are played with usernames uncovered, kill messages enabled and based upon team performance. · Throughout finale team aspect is playing significant role, until the very end of 10 matches. · At the end of 10 matches kills are converted in points ( 1 kill = 2 points ) and team outcome is sum of member points. · Additional points are added outgoing from most valuable player list ( 25-15-10 ) , increasing likelihood of comeback. Drop-out Format · After qualifier and league has concluded all of the drop-out teams will be invited to this stage of tournament. · Drop-out is single part stage allowing only 1 team per group to join finale stage. · It is played with usernames covered, kill messages disabled and based upon individual performance. · Throughout drop-out team aspect is not playing significant role, until the very end of 10 matches. · At the end of 10 matches kills are converted into points ( 1 kill = 2 points ) and team outcome is sum of member points. · Additional points are added outgoing from most valuable player list ( 25-15-10 ) , increasing likelihood of comeback. Finale Format · Starting finale stage all of the previously gathered points are taken away to ensure equal competition for drop-out victors. · In finale stage all of the remaining teams face each other once to determine tournament winners. · Determination of strongest team will be done outgoing from gathered points in finale and win / lose / draw ratio. · Throughout finale team aspect is playing significant role, until the very end of 10 matches. · At the end of 10 matches kills are converted into points ( 1 kill = 2 points ) and team outcome is sum of member points. · Additional points are added outgoing from most valuable player list ( 25-15-10 ) , increasing likelihood of comeback. · In case of draw, each team forwards 3 successors to represent themselves in 5 rounds, using same format as for finale. Rules · Team captains can update their team roster per stage, not allowed in case if: 1) Player has been or is part of different team. 2) Player is banned or prohibited of taking part in tournament. 3) Player is not officially part of the team he is being added to. 4) Player does not match the requirements or does not agree with the rules. · Each team can request single hold in maximum length of 3 minutes in case of timeout / waiting for member etc. · Timeout during the match will not result in hold, thus amplifying meaning of reserves. · Exploiting any kind of restricted game error / flaw will result in team being disqualified. · Certain rules will be displayed once before each match as a reminder for participants. · Not knowing the rules does not justify breaking them and will result in equally high penalty. · Server side general and specific shooter rules can and will be applied for tournament infractions. Yours faithfully, CIFFON & FoXX Leadership

    On the Rise

    Congratulations and welcome new foxxies


    1) No, whole feature is not perfect, but it will be modified until it is close to flawless. It was added because of complaints from players about difficulties to even reach the flag. I was defender then and I am defender now and what I can say is that it hasn't changed that much to make it a big deal. With people being able to kmz entrances were easily blocked, flags being sat on and lots of insults were thrown upon each other. At least this is way we get fewer complaints and gameplay is more balanced. Undeniably kmz is great part of shooter as game mode, but you can clearly see that on our server shooter and ctf does not run the same settings of game play, meaning they are modified differently. Furthermore, CTF is whole new thing and we can not be lead by principles that were in high value in the past or elsewhere. 2) Yes, already suggested before and is on the list of things to add. 3) Maybe, depends on whether majority will want it to be added.
  8. Originally had username Flipper02, which I got when some game randomized it and I broswed through color codes, where one of the green tones was "Chiffon" . For time being was using that as my new username, later removed letter H and started using capital letters.

    Summer for us!

    Glad to be part of the clan, also very thankful for given opportunity ❤️
  10. Nickname(s), real name, age and location: CIFFON, Jānis Apīnis, 19, South Latvia Tell us a bit about your MTA journey: Very beginning of my journey on GTA platform was in 2006, when SA:MP was just launched, and it received a lot of attention from that time players. Although I already had played it before, Multiplayer mode seemed something new, yet so familiar. As a little boy I did not really care to comply with the rules, rather I chose to enjoy some good time with rest of my neighborhood kids. As I was the only one who actually had the official version of the game, hierarchy foundation was created, which gradually lead towards creating a silly team in which I was a leader. It was rather a fun experience, at least it seemed so, but whole thing collapsed shortly after being founded, because one of the members deleted someones GTA savegame, which lead to a fight in local area playground and very unhappy parents. Although the whole thing happened between two of the members, all of the blame was put upon videogames and neither of us were allowed to carry on playing. Disclaimer - both of the kids involved in the fight are well and even studies at the same University. After we had regained our trust and convinced our parents, that it was rather a silly fight over who is the coolest kid in neighborhood and received a individual clarification from all of their behalf, that regardless of our actions or what we commit to, we will be their coolest kids. We returned to playing GTA in 2009, when we used the same team name and now focused on Derby. We couldn't find opponents to face, because neither of us spoke english properly and the attempts to find someone was rather hilarious. For the very same reason, our team was diverted from the common goal and started to fracture, as it split in almost two proportional teams we began to challenge each other, betting on our pocket money or sweets. Again, it did not last for long and this time we stopped playing voluntarily, since it just created unhealthy relationships amongst our neighborhood kids. Following experience on the game allowed me to improve my grammar and speech, as I began to play on English Derby servers. I also like to believe, that it was the time when I emphasized and developed my currently greatest characteristics. It makes me feel the most nostalgic, if I look back to what I have experienced in time gap between 2011 to 2013. Since I met a lot of players, that seemed above my capabilities and were pleased to share several of their own gameplay tips, which allowed me to gradually become even better at the game. It was also the time I heard about MTA, but was very eager to keep playing on SA:MP platform, however I eventually made up my mind to join MTA, as a lot of people started using software, that ruined the gameplay for us. Starting from 2013 I was visiting small derby servers in which I could play with the highest FPS possible, simultaneously to having low ping. Eventually, I lost my interest in playing Derby and started to enjoy playing CTF on Twisted Gamers, which was the main reason of staying in Shooter field for so long. As the server started to lose its popularity I moved to FFS Gaming and began to play there until the beginning of 2020. In the middle of all that I had the chance to experience how it is to be in charge of larger, official clans in which I mostly took position as media representative or shooter manager. Being a shooter junior ( twice ) allowed me to throw myself into whole game-mode development and formed my understanding of what it takes to be moderator and in charge of whole server player basis. Whole passage from 2019 to 2020 was rather a difficult time for me due to my health condition and mental state, which frequently lead to going inactive and losing contacts with players, that I did find very close to myself. Previous clans and reasons for leaving: HoK| Hall of KingZ Leader 2015 - 2016 Left Founder was absent for long time, which lead to majority of staff leaving and eventually clan being disbanded mD| most_Damnation Shooter & Media Manager 2016 - 2019 Left Several unsuccessful attempts were made to revive the clan after long inactivity -fts- Fuck the System Member 2019 Closed All progress made so far was lost and clan ended up being closed by Leaders .:DoA:. Death on Approach Shooter Recruiter & Media Manager 2019 - 2020 Out Health conditions and several other rather inconvenient circumstances resulted in leaving clan and MTA Why do you want to be a part of our family? Recently I began paying visits to MTA and [FoXX] server was kind of my first choice, since the gameplay here is way more enjoyable than elsewhere. Although I might be quite new on this particular community I find myself quite experienced, as is majority of your current roster. Expanding my range of contacts is one of the reasons I chose to apply for this clan membership. Not going to lie, the recent update showed the capabilities of your clan growth, and it made me appreciate it even more. The playerbasis seems more or less mature, staff is friendly and open towards conversations, which is not that common to encounter with. Question already speaks for itself, rather than calling your union a clan, you chose completely different word - familly, hopefully it serves the purpose and is not just a matter of speech. Which is the way you can help us to reach the top? I find myself useful in Shooter, which has become rather popular around here after implementing CTF. However, I am uncertain of clan intentions in developing themselves in this particular game mode, thence I cant say for sure, but if it comes to that I can also take part in clan wars and/or tournaments. If not, then being a deputy of current shooter manager could be one of the things I could do, maintaining order and handling all of the related issues. However, that hasn't been my main function in official clans, as I enjoy typing and creating content to announce news and being part of informative party. I could offer making a monthly content for community, if it is required or some assistance in editing content before being posted for readers. My ambitions doesn't exceed any further than that, yet I am open towards any duties, that will be handed for me to take care of. Aside from that, I can only offer myself as Administrator in your server - guiding new players and/or providing help for those in need. What social media do you use? CIFFON#4279 Jānis Apīnis CIFFON61 Additional information: Currently, I am retired soldier due to my severe injury in 2019 autumn. I was part of Latvian Army artillery crew in 56th Batallion in which I took Sergeant rank. Although I am no longer directly connected to Latvian army, I've been moved to Military Police subunit. Meaning, I still have trainings and/or courses, that I frequently visit, which could slightly influence my activity over the time. Unfortunately I have to return to the hospital each 5 months for repeated surgeries, additionally a recovery period in which I am absent from playing or being reached out to. Rest of the time I am on painkillers, except the mid-terms, when it is not a mandatory and I can choose whether it is needed. During my first years of military career, I took a lot of extra courses, which allowed me to acquire certain degree in psychology, medicine and biology, also I am trained to be infantry, scout and artillery crew member, as mentioned above. Apart from that I am a huge fan of highly rated series and/or movies with no special genre set and Russian rap music. Last, but not least I wanted to add that application is not brief, because majority may not know me that well, thence I decided to go in details.
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