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  1. What is Map Review Department? Map Review Department (MRD) will soon become a new addition to our community in form of a team. The team's job will be to review maps under the requests by our community members and administrators. These requests will be submitted in our Discord server and the team will have to evaluate the properties of the map and finally decide in which arena does the map belong. In the beginning, the team will only be reviewing DM and HDM maps. Further, if the process proves to be useful, OS maps will be included as well. The goal of MRD is to provide our daily players of DM and HDM arenas a better gaming experience. We have been receiving complaints about maps being misplaced in wrong arenas, administrators using their rights to move maps from one arena to the other multiple times and so on. These complaints most of the time get lost and further action is not taken. We hope that the MRD will assist us in eliminating all those issues. Further information about how to submit maps for reviews will follow on our Discord server once we gather and train our team for the job. Application form You may use the following form and create a separate thread to apply. We are looking for players with expertise in both DM and HDM modes that are capable of critical thinking. Around 5 people will be selected for the job. Applications are welcome from anyone! 1. Your nickname(-s): 2. Your Discord tag: 3. Discuss your spent time playing in DM and HDM arenas: 4. Do you have previous experience in mapping and/or map testing? If you do, tell us about it: 5. Do you think you are capable of critical thinking? Sincerely, xSimas and FoXX Administration
  2. Since the discussion is slowing down and thanks to the suggestions from within the team, I will be closing this thread before Wednesday midnight. I have a pretty good idea of the next course of action that needs to be taken and I will be working towards the end goal. I want to once again thank everyone for your comments and I will keep everyone updated on our Discord. For now, if there's anything you would still like to add, reply down below.
  3. I wasn't implying that. You give the rating for each variable per single map, e.g. Zidra Skills 2 would score above 5 in "Progression", some other number in Hard Parts, Blind Parts, etc. when eventually you draw a line somewhere, perhaps one variable compensates more for the others, etc. I would suggest thinking of more critical variables for that. Surely you just can't give a rating from 1 to 10 just by looking at the map. Think of this as developing criteria that would help us to make our judgment.
  4. Apologies for the late reply. I believe I let this drag on without notice for too long but let's get back into it. I have read all of your replies and I really appreciate your time, as the goal here is to make the atmosphere better for everybody. I noticed that a lot of you wrote about similar things but in your own words and I will now attempt to draw some insights. I want to start off by defining several variables that I had noticed in your replies. I will first introduce them in a glossary and give a different color for each one so that later it's easier to follow the contents of this post. Glossary Medium Parts - parts that consist of pretty basic button combinations (up + right, space + d, etc.), basic slides without advanced extra controls needed. Blind Parts - parts that are Medium in nature but there's no controls given by the author, prompting the players to study the combinations on their own. Hard Parts - parts that most of the time require extreme precision, great knowledge of the game physics, a lot of time to master and that are not simple Medium Parts (or the ones that are just extremely inconsistent as well). Killer Parts - parts that occur in DM maps and raise a lot of controversy between players whether that particular map should stay in one arena or the other. For example, if the map is 90% pretty simple DM and there's 1-2 parts that are Hard Parts in our glossary, these will be considered Killer Parts. Notice that these occur in HDM maps as well. Progression - ability of the player to obtain (muscle) memory of the map when replaying the said map several times and each time being able to get further. Discussing your replies 1. Relax (arena not given): @Relax from your discussion, I gather that what makes a map HDM for you is the presence of a lot of Hard Parts. You further talk about your examples Andershell v4 and v5, where v5 contains a Killer Part in my opinion (that one loop, pretty sure everyone knows which), as the map is not pretty hard by itself to me and the player can Progress with each attempt. 2. BriaN (DM player): @BriaN it's not the first time I see you mention the nature of the maps and that one can really tell whether the map is meant for DM or HDM. While I do understand this, it does seem to come as something subjective and different people will have different perspectives on this. You also seem to say that Medium Parts and Blind Parts are the definition of HDM for you and I'm curious what other people have to say. I tried CN v9 today to refresh my memory about it and the first part is truly a Killer one right there. 3. airplaNe (mixed player): @airplaNe you seem to talk about the deathlist filling up pretty quickly and that's one of the things defining HDM for you. You also talk about the Reaction from other players (Karni mentions it as well). I was going to put this into glossary as well but the ideal situation here is to put the map into the right arena right after testing it, not after receiving complaints from the audience, as this really has to me minimized. I mostly agree on your comments about Whistle 3 and PSP 2. 4. Pablow (HDM player): @Pablow short discussion about HDM players finding particular maps too easy for them. While I see where you're coming from, this has do be discussed further. 5. Vildred (DM player): @Vildred you seem to discuss that in HDM one needs to invest a lot of time training Hard Parts and I do agree on that. You also say you can't really feel your Progression on HDM maps and I agree once more. I really like your given map examples since they are really accurate in what you're trying to describe and I don't see those maps mentioned a lot. 6. GuilhermE (DM player): @GuilhermE I appreciate the discussion. Although I disagree on some points like reaction timing, concentration (my latest map v12 being somewhat controversial because of this, even if my intention was for it to be a pure DM map @BriaN) and the need to spend a bit of time training (I understand that this defines HDM for you?) which is compensated by player's Progression in my opinion. 7. Dredd (DM player): @Dredd I like that you believe in Progression but I'm not sure if the hardest HDM maps do contain that element of learning, if you get what I mean. I won't support the idea of renaming DM to WFF though lols. 8. Karni (mixed player): @KarNikkl I appreciate the detailed discussion, as it made it easier to make the glossary for this post. Overall you seem to mention things that other people discussed and in a good detail so thanks. Conclusions and suggestions for further discussion To conclude this post, I noticed that many of you discuss about similar aspects. I really hope that the glossary above is clear enough for everyone to understand. If not, you can ask questions or make corrections. I suggest everyone to re-view my replies to different users above and further discuss in glossary terms, as these were made to explain things easier. If you wish to add some new items to the glossary, reply down below. The point that I'm trying to get across now is that to me it seems that there's a good possibility to judge maps based on the glossary terms, perhaps even develop some scales, e.g. Very Low - Very High (for each glossary item/variable, for each map) or give it a rating from 1 to 10. Do you believe this could work? If not, why not? All sorts of discussions are welcome! Incentive for participating Finally, I also noticed that a lot of people are reluctant to participate in these types of discussions. As an incentive and as a thank you for participating, each discussing user will be rewarded on our main server as long as the replies are deemed to be useful (not some troll stuff). Each user will be rewarded equally. I will discuss these rewards with the leadership and update this post later. Let's keep the discussion going!
  5. im genuinely impressed by everything i've seen
  6. Hi everyone. We have been receiving complaints about the misplacement of DM maps in the wrong arenas (DM maps in HDM and vice versa), hence we decided to hear out from our players. We understand that this topic is subjective, which is why we aim to receive as many responses as possible from veteran players and draw a clear distinction between the two arenas in order to improve our management of maps. Please answer the question of this topic by replying to the following questions: 1. Which is your arena of preference to play at: DM, HDM or both? ... 2. Please discuss the question of this topic: What makes a DM map HDM? Try to prove your point to everyone else: ... 3. Give some examples. If you could select some maps which, in your opinion, would ideally draw a line between the two arenas, what maps would those be and why? ... Cheers!
  7. xSimas

    On the Rise

    welp. here we go again i guess. over 4 years since i last joined my major team, on top of that mta admins telling me there's no future for me, etc all that bullshit (the thread then being used as an attack against me and chrs on certain forums and discord servers, pretty sure yall know where). anyway, fuck all them mfs we back to the game and i certainly hope to see good things ahead! sick video gerc my autistic bro, loved the choice of music
  8. xSimas


    While I understand your frustration (and others' as well, myself included), I gotta point out that CTF is not a "Shooter only" gamemode. So far we've seen it combining Shooter, DD and DM to some extent, where the maps contain slightly more risky jumps and tracks in general (can't really deny this since DM players have shifted to liking CTF and made slightly different maps as a consequence of their different gameplay experiences). I myself have played a lot of CTF in TG and I gotta say I'm a strong defender of Anti-Kmz feature, it's just a matter how it's made and whether it's working or not. I agree with picka here that it kinda works bad and needs to be improved. Trust me, I get so fucking frustrated when people are right in my face, yet Anti-Kmz doesn't save me so many of these times (while it should) and the game feels so random lol. The video you post @varien is pretty accurate, ngl. Although gotta take GTA's eating bug into consideration as well. I strongly believe that this can be repaired as well. In general, these functionalities need to be improved/made consistent, no question about that. But to remove the feature? Big no no from me.
  9. We're barely scratching the surface here. I think it can be hard to put into words and for others to understand what I'm implying when I'm writing about the things mentioned in this JR, while also keeping it as minimal as possible. But anyway, I do understand where you're coming from.
  10. xSimas' Join Request Nickname(s), real name, age and location: xSimas (forums, in-game, Discord, etc.) and Simas in my maps. My IRL name is Simonas, I’m 20 and my location changes seasonally; at Summer and Winter holidays I’m in Lithuania with my family, rest through the year I’m in The Netherlands. Tell us a bit about your MTA journey: It’s been a pretty bumpy and controversial one. I started pretty simple as most of the players – my first servers where I played weren’t that big at all. I began at +NeW in 2012 under a different alias which I won’t share since it’s not even relevant. I further hopped across multiple other servers like FFS, >VIP< and a few others when finally I joined my first team EfE in 2013. I correlate my maturing as a person with my growth in MTA as a character xSimas. Throughout the years I’ve been observing the functionality of teams and communities and tried to find the same patterns in real life which in fact had been really useful. Few of my highlights in MTA was my membership in Zurio (later Twisted Gamers after the merge) somewhere around 2015, then The Crew Gaming in 2016 and 2017 where I was experimenting with making good relationships between teams and bringing the entire community closer together. Then the controversial parts followed with FFS but I don’t regret any of that (except the DDoS activities) since I do really like trying out new things and writing what’s on my mind when the time’s right. Previous clans and reasons for leaving: As much as I remember: EfE – 2013 – Either it closed or I was aiming for something better, TS – 2013, 2014 – Low activity, was aiming for better, PiA – 2014 – Disagreements with the leaders and was aiming for better, rG – 2014 – Low activity, Zurio – 2015 – Merged with Twisted Gamers, TG – 2015 – I did not support the merge and I wasn’t in good terms with the members inside of the team, TC – 2016, 2017 – 1-2 days, Zenosyne – 2018 – leaders abandoned the team for FFS, Vultaic – 2018, 2019 – Disagreements between members and the leaders which couldn’t be sorted, Zurio / Vultaic 2 – 2019, 2020 – Due to my boredom and personal views towards the racing community. Also, there wasn’t much I could help the team with. Why do you want to be a part of our family? You guys have been displaying a pretty good performance in terms of the community management and engagement which is pretty attractive to me since I really resonate with those things and I’ve been trying to accomplish similar things before. You also seem to display good motivation when it comes to growing your community. I feel like this could be a pretty good place to apply my skills at and really help you guys succeed in whatever you guys have planned, while also bringing my own ideas to the table. Aside from that, I also enjoy learning how the teams function so whatever we’re going to do together, I think will be a good learning experience for all of us involved. Which is the way you can help us to reach the top? One of the most important things I can bring to the table is my observed knowledge and experience about the failures and successes of the previous MTA clans. I believe it’s extremely critical for every leader of the team to reflect on those and have someone analytical to help with the decision making. My goal is not to be a clan wars player (I mean I could but that’s really not my preference) or a “family member” since I do believe you guys already have plenty of those. Instead, I would really prefer to work in close contact with the higher-ups and help with making strategic choices, analyzing what’s the best for the team at any given moment, prototyping my own ideas, looking at risks, evaluating the performance of the team, etc. This further ties to my studies that I’ve been doing in The Netherlands that cover fields of Computer Science, Industrial Engineering Management and International Business Administration. While I may talk about those and different things in-depth, I really prefer keeping this as short as possible, so the last thing I’m going to mention is that I like to believe that I’m a problem solver; I like to take a rational stance and look at various different things and causes from a scientific perspective. This has really been lacking in MTA and if done right, I believe it can be extremely beneficial. What social media do you use? I once hit 120+ hours of weekly watch time on YouTube but I’m not coming any close to that these days lol. If you’re asking for my contacts, my preferred app is Discord and my tag is x Simas#4769 Additional information: If you have any questions please ask them down below, even if it’s about our past or anything else! I like to believe that a good discussion/conversation is the key to great things. Sincerely, xSimas
  11. xSimas

    HDM WCF - Betting

    naif audi tiven
  12. xSimas

    [DM] Gteatero

    this is fucking insane. saw some guys play this on the server and the execution looked sooo good!! amazing my amigo
  13. xSimas

    Summer for us!

    4 new members in someone's banlist I see :PppPppppPPPPPPPPpp jokes aside, most congrats to @CIFFON very nice kid hope u like it in foxx surprised to see my old rival @Anwix as well ngl kenzo and zebra obvious picks but gz also! don't fuck this up
  14. as buggy as your maps may be, i fucking respect how you stuck true to your style through all these years. not like kids like intrelex who come out of absence and drop "Last Theory" that's sorta like a failed attempt to match modern style, pure w map and you can't even sightread it properly, yet everyone love that shit because its intrelex. some parts in this map got me pretty excited, in a sense that i was like "hey, it's that part from the previous map!" so that was pretty cool as well great job my mans
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