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  1. Ideation Contest Dear community members, 2020 has given rise and popularity to a new genre of maps. In the first half, we have seen the advent of challenge maps, mainly of HDM genre, that brought many players to the training arena eager to test their luck. Not long after, we have introduced a [TRAINING] maps tag which is given for the maps that are either of worse quality or exceptionally difficult. Because of this, our training arena is now acting as a storage room that does not discriminate between the good and the bad quality of DM maps, which in turn creates new opportunities for mappers. Recently, we began receiving a new wave of maps dedicated to the training arena, although this time with different layers of creativity. As being one of the contributors to this wave of maps, I must say that it makes me really happy seeing that my maps can provide you guys with fun that is already really limited in the game modes that we are playing. Last few days, I have received several different new suggestions that can be implemented into training maps and I came up with an idea for a contest that could help us filter out the best, most fun and most creative ideas out there. What is your task? Your task is to come up with an idea for a training map. However, it should not be solely based on just driving through the track and completing the map, as you do in DM maps. Instead, think of some unique mechanisms or tools that could enhance the user experience and make the map more fun to play. Ask yourself whether your idea will make the players want to return to the map, whether your idea will contribute to the competitiveness of the map, and most importantly, will it be fun to play the map if the idea is implemented? One of the examples of such training map is “Find 25 invisible markers in San Andreas”. It features a search & collection of markers with the help of a limited-view radar (a tool) which helps you find those markers. While being a little long, it respects the competitive part, which is the acquisition of the best top time, and it may be used for future events on the server. Submission Form: In-game nick: Serial: How can we contact you? Idea: Describe this thoroughly, feel free to use images for a better explanation. In case the implementation is not possible (for example, limitations imposed by the script loader of the server), I will let you know. Prizes We will select or do a community vote for 3-5 best ideas out there, depending on the quantity and quality of the submissions. I will personally work with the winners and help them implement their ideas into training maps. These maps will also most likely be used in future events on the server. 1st Place1.000.000$ in-game money 30 Days of FoXX Prime 2nd Place 500,000$ in-game money 15 Days of FoXX Prime 3rd Place 250,000$ in-game money 7 Days of FoXX Prime Honorable Mentions 75,000$ in-game money Best of luck to everyone! Sincerely, xSimas & FoXX Management.
  2. In-game nick: honeyrabbit Serial: 78B429C451E4B52EF8643873CF257FB2 Submission Category/(-ies) (Christmas Scenery/Christmas Ride/Forum Banner): Forum Banner Name of your content (optional): by: konask Discord: x Simas#4769 (You can submit in multiple categories in one message, be sure to name which is which) @knsk @Gteatero
  3. I'm all for having you unbanned but I think we're missing more details behind your ban and why you're requesting an unban. If you could fill us all with more details that would be wonderful.
  4. expected upload date: 2020-10-23 (foxx exclusive) credits: chrs (for video), gteatero (for making training arena wholesome) =). gl all its
  5. xSimas

    Happy Halloween

    GG all its's nice map @Gteatero
  6. most satisfying 3 pts ever
  7. What is Map Review Department? Map Review Department (MRD) will soon become a new addition to our community in form of a team. The team's job will be to review maps under the requests by our community members and administrators. These requests will be submitted in our Discord server and the team will have to evaluate the properties of the map and finally decide in which arena does the map belong. In the beginning, the team will only be reviewing DM and HDM maps. Further, if the process proves to be useful, OS maps will be included as well. The goal of MRD is to provide our daily players of DM and HDM arenas a better gaming experience. We have been receiving complaints about maps being misplaced in wrong arenas, administrators using their rights to move maps from one arena to the other multiple times and so on. These complaints most of the time get lost and further action is not taken. We hope that the MRD will assist us in eliminating all those issues. Further information about how to submit maps for reviews will follow on our Discord server once we gather and train our team for the job. Application form You may use the following form and create a separate thread to apply. We are looking for players with expertise in both DM and HDM modes that are capable of critical thinking. Around 5 people will be selected for the job. Applications are welcome from anyone! 1. Your nickname(-s): 2. Your Discord tag: 3. Discuss your spent time playing in DM and HDM arenas: 4. Do you have previous experience in mapping and/or map testing? If you do, tell us about it: 5. Do you think you are capable of critical thinking? Sincerely, xSimas and FoXX Administration
  8. Since the discussion is slowing down and thanks to the suggestions from within the team, I will be closing this thread before Wednesday midnight. I have a pretty good idea of the next course of action that needs to be taken and I will be working towards the end goal. I want to once again thank everyone for your comments and I will keep everyone updated on our Discord. For now, if there's anything you would still like to add, reply down below.
  9. I wasn't implying that. You give the rating for each variable per single map, e.g. Zidra Skills 2 would score above 5 in "Progression", some other number in Hard Parts, Blind Parts, etc. when eventually you draw a line somewhere, perhaps one variable compensates more for the others, etc. I would suggest thinking of more critical variables for that. Surely you just can't give a rating from 1 to 10 just by looking at the map. Think of this as developing criteria that would help us to make our judgment.
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