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  1. Thanks to Nakvie for the record.
  2. Hello,this is my first try as Regular/WFF DM style if i need to improve things that i don't know please let me know in comments ik The quality is sucks thats the best my laptop can do -_-
  3. Spacy

    HDM WCF - Betting

    1/2 Group 1 : Sheldon,Audi,Sappfire 1/2 Group 2 : Ronaldo,Arrow,Tiven
  4. Spacy

    Spacy's Join Request

    Well,It was in 2015 i guess i don't even remember the reason of kick it wasn't a serious clan anyways,and for training WFF obviously i train it, when i wrote it that was years ago and i wasn't playing WFF thats why it looks like i don't train.Thank also 😃
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