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  1. i love such finals when the last map still can decide the winner. Shanks man of the match well deserved. Best performance of match : Infinity insane overtake on enemy territory :OOOOOOOOOO
  2. In-game name: DeRoX Country: Germany Serial: F77B90D1D466029F83FF9110609D4D94 Discord: DeRoX98#1821
  3. Very bad performance of FOTL today. Even I wasn´t focused and throw way too much pts. INT prepare well and did a good job, deserved win even tho Impact crying on me in PM , kick that idiot. Again MVP... how? 😄
  4. good ginger, give him chance broooo
  5. The match was really intense from beginning on. FOTL played so good today and even tho we knew we had no chance, Stil tried to finish as a win. For me we are winners this match! Wp xN! 2000 bounces this match unreal
  6. I was 3rd or 4nd in ember so i had 16 pts...
  7. Moonlight because his track and music is always great and he brought the modern DM to MTA. Boost vs FiNN
  8. Hey yo guys! In this thread in showing you my Playlist for good Drum and Bass tracks. There i put my favorite ones and i would be happy if you could add tracks here in the thread because i just started to make the playlist today... I hope there are some good songs for you and yea thanks 🙂 https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4nHZ0ywmqWANdUgNjL5Llt?si=OrbfdOglT1WSqf6MAr1kdQ
  9. Hey yo brothers, just made an epic run and toptime on console v.8 and randomly recorded it 😄 Enjoy
  10. Well what to say... I played a very good first half and i was full focused. Then the problems started to begin in the teamchat and the map bugs started which made me losing focus and motivation very fast. I tried everything to win this game and i trained a lot to reach more than i actually did today tbh! Things have to be changed in the clan very quick. FoXX well played and deserved 1 place in the group stage. Sorry for my behaviour towards the end of the game. GG
  11. Yea would be cool to have that like seeing who got the most TT 1 on server and such things
  12. GG to eP! FOTL clearly have issues with a proper team.... I did a good performance on many maps but throw them all away unfourtunately. Score could have been definetely closer. Anyway Flash good as always
  13. DeRoX

    New Year News

    Thanks bro! Have been waiting months for this
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