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  1. Damn Ryder khe pro 😎
  2. GG to INT, they played really good. They trained hard and showed us that they are not only noobs 😄 Unfourtunately it was a bad day for FOTL , we had huge issues with training as i saw and i felt like we already gave up after 3rd map... We still managed to get an acceptable score at the end. At least im MVP even tho i throwed alot of more points XD
  3. hey what's up guys
  4. Don't you asked me for FOTL invite yesterday? You must be very sure about the clan!!!! 🤦‍♀️
  5. Thank you 🙂 i think same because the song is something nostalgic for me!
  6. Heyyyy frends! Just wanted to share with you a little video i made with some memories about my trip 🙂 Enjoy it :)))))
  7. Much love for ya 😙
  8. Was really intense and fun to play! For our first match as a team and 2 Gold Nova players, we did a well done job 🙂 D1kuba apartment homie on Inferno :DD
  9. Always wanted to have a cool nickname with a "X" and big letters, my strong mind created DeRoX
  10. DeRoX

    HDM WCF - Betting

    1st - NAiiF 2nd - Ronaldo 3rd - AUDI
  11. DeRoX

    [DM] Gteatero

    Do you have schizophrenic? holy
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