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  1. I played for the first time yesterday😭
  2. The worst impostor😢 but gl😂❤️
  3. Best wff player after @Anwix
  4. Ty kikill (っ◠‿ ◠)っ❣️
  5. Szia koszonom te ferfi❤️
  6. Hadid


    Gl te borsodi albínó❤️
  7. Hello dear FoXX Family! Nickname(s), real name, age and location: Hello! My name is Máté, im 19 years old, and im from Hungary, my nickname is: Hadid! Tell us a bit about your MTA journey: I've started playing DM as an os player in 2011 on DGT server at that time my name was Kocka~. 1 year later i start playing DM Race in random servers. Summer of 2013 i found Gladiators of Darkness server i start playing there. Few months later i got banned(Spring of 2014) and i start play Speed Racers server and ffs too but i play more in Speed Racers server. One year later(Spring of 2015) i start playing AiR server and later i write jr but was soon closed. 2016-2017 i stop playing MTA when i start it again playing i get unban from GoD. One year later(2018 Summer) i write jr to GoD. 1,5 years later i start playing FoXX server. Previous clans and reasons for leaving: TsR| - The Street Racers (closed) /AiR\ - Awesome in Races (closed) sR| - Speed Racers (leave: i dont remember why) |-rG-| - Random Gamers (closed) this one is my clan but not have enought members. [GoD] - Gladiators of Darkness (leave: inactive server, inactive members) Why do you want to be a part of our family? Outside of FFS only FoXX have a relevant server, and your family is very friendly, I only play here so I want to try to settle here. I will be loyal to the clan and some FoXX Member my friend and sometimes i play with them. Which is the way you can help us to reach the top? I consider myself a good wff player, I have 9 years experience in this game, i think i can help in cw, and i think i can amuse the people's. I can guarantee good adminstration and i can play 3-4 hours/day. What social media do you use? Facebook Whatsapp Instagram Discord:Hadid#4149 Thank you for taking the time to read my join request!
  8. hello foxx family i just want your family tell me that:
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