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  1. In-game name: Deesk Country: Brazil Serial: 0D85AC1524DDB9089318C7D61BF295B3 Discord: DEESK#3961
  2. 1. Nickname / Location / Personal info Hello, My name is Douglas Eduardo, best known in games by DEESK. I currently live in the southern region of Brazil, in a small town called Sapiranga. 2. Previous Clans -sk- Skilled Gaming = (Trial) Left / AiR \ Awesome In Racers = (Member) Closed Lx // Luxious Crew = (DM Manager) Left Xz Zeitgeist = (Member) Left SwC Skills Without Control = (Member) Close 3. Your MTA career Well, I started my career at Mta in 2014, I started playing Roleplay RP. In 2016 I met a small server called Brasil Racing from the famous BR, entering it I came across cars flying and ramping, at the time I went crazy xD, playing 7 months there, I met a team called Skilled Gaming, where it was my first team that I joined despite spend very little time on it, I understood the competitive mode of DM, after a few days I decided to join / AiR \ where I made several friends that I still consider today, after 6 7 months the team unfortunately closed, so I stopped playing mta for about 8- 9 months, returning to play only in 2018, I played on several servers like XpR, FoXX, Vultaic, Tff among others ... Now in early 2020, I joined Lx // Luxious Crew, I made a lot of friends and, working a lot, I became DM Manager, Unfortunately the team was very inactive, so I had to leave him. After a while I joined the Xz Zeitgeist, I met incredible people, I left for personal reasons that were affecting me in and out of the game, it was right for me. Still this year I participated in 2 WFF DM / HDM where I was my first one, fortunately I reached 1/4 of an internship in both, I was very happy and anxious for the next ones. After the wffs I joined SwC Skills Without Control, a very strong team in HDM, unfortunately it closed, it took me a little while to do it. 4. Why do you think that Elite Players is the best place for you? I am looking for a family, a place where someone can welcome me, and I think Elite Players would be the perfect place, I really admire some players and I hope I can help this family to the fullest. 5. Contact DEESK#3961 6. Something to add(optional) Thanks for you Attention ❤️
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