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  1. Good game XpR, that was an awesome game with brilliant performance from either sides. Don't remember wff match of xN and XpR which ended without tight score and pressure/tension till the very last map which is being a decider. Also Nitrous Racing been accused of undeservely being in the finals, he-he, do ya'll still think it was undeseved? I doubt. Sadly we didn't face Elite Players this time, but I'm sure It would've been an amazing fight too. Thanks to FoXX for organizing the tourney and to guys who were refereeing matches, you've done almost accurately, I'm sure all impefections gonna be solved in upcoming tournaments. Once again , Congratulations to Xtreme pro Racers for winning first edition of Fast 5, it was kind of revenge for xN's first 2 season titles of L7 WFF, he-he. Congratulations to Nitrous Racing for finished 2nd, we'll surely try or luck next time. Also congratulations to Elite Players for 3rd place and showing awesome performace throughout entire tourney.
  2. not Tropical Camper but still cool map
  3. Damn, Nitrous Racing, you gotta be thankful to this guy for making 10 points. Without those you wouldn't have advanced to the next stage. Was intesne and entertaining match, gg wp.
  4. Accept YuRi = Mona Lisa Overdrive on FoXX
  5. JAJAAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJ, thanks for new phone background Thank you garbage mapper @CzerkA Thank you, @snafi, I'll never stop shitting on everything you create / being a part of
  6. Add basic draw distance script or Ceeser's EDD (better basic one since Ceeser's causes fps drops at overloaded maps), and also enb, which increases your car's reflection, it works with UltraThing perfectly fine
  7. Doubt that people who are 27 y/o create such a garbage maps, freakin liar spotted
  8. Great match for both teams ! Not as intense as yesterday's match but still well played .
  9. Zamudio recorder y chujowy mapper but pro map
  10. Норм качество,чекай скайп :)
  11. Hello ladies and gentlemen! I'd like to present you "Bel Air". Subscribe via link : http://bit.ly/2fsz4qs Info: Songs used: ▷ Diamond Eyes - 23 Credits: ▷ Original Infernus ▷ Ultrathing 0.29a by Plooders ▷ Skype: masterzz99 ▷ Discord: Relax#7167 Everything uploaded to this channel is for promotion or entertainment reasons only. Please, do not issue a copyright infringement claim toward us. I have no intention to make any profit on this song , but use it as entertainment. All the rights go to the producer(s) of this song. ▷ Sincerely,R3L4X productions.
  12. 1. Your nickname(-s): Relax/ Relats / RealAxe / R3L4X 2. Your Discord tag: Relax#7167 3. Discuss your spent time playing in DM and HDM arenas: men,many years, preferably HDM 4. Do you have previous experience in mapping and/or map testing? If you do, tell us about it: men, i dont think anyone in this game tested more maps than i did, i was map uploader in FOTL (2014-16) and #ER (16-17), tested over 11k maps (only DM(which includes OS and HDM)) and im still testing them almost on daily basis. Made some maps too and they are better than darkyz his maps. 5. Do you think you are capable of critical thinking? men, yes. Critical thinking is rly helpful thingie irl.
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