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  1. Vildred

    stan - Overdrive II

    Insane track and deco, everything about the map is just too good
  2. Vildred

    Ho Ho Ho!

    First of all, Welcome to all the new trials, No doubt that they will have good contribution to the family. Also, congratulations to full members as well, you guys deserved it. Sneak peeks looks intresting and I'm so excited for the upcoming developments, keep it up guys! 💓
  3. First time editing, Idk how bad I captured the vid, I was gonna use that to practice editing at first but I happened to share it anyway Have Fun sry for 140p quality or worse idk
  4. In-game name: Vildred_The_HDM_Golem Country: Turkey Serial:CE8ECD30E94F2A6050A1DE9DB22064F4 Discord: Vildred#5634
  5. In-game nick: Vildred|foxx Serial:CE8ECD30E94F2A6050A1DE9DB22064F4 Submission Category/(-ies) (Christmas Scenery/Christmas Ride/Forum Banner): Forum Banner Name of your content (optional): happy thanksgiving Discord: Vildred#5634 (You can submit in multiple categories in one message, be sure to name which is which)
  6. It feels like, this is from different game, I've always liked ''retro'' theme and I think you've done great job^^. Also, very good music choice Electric Youth ❤️
  7. Awesome map bro! ❤️ GJ!
  8. I did get a chance to play this map yesterday. It's amazing like in the video. You can easily notice that there's so much effort while making this map. Great Job! @CzerkA 💗 Also nice record ! @Tick
  9. In-game nick: [FoXX]Orbiter Serial:CE8ECD30E94F2A6050A1DE9DB22064F4 Event Category (Forum Banner / Topic Banner): Forum Banner Name of your content (optional): Hauptschulabschluss Discord:Vildred#5634
  10. An amazing map guys ❤️ Really liked the song, it fits to the map so well. Also cool record!
  11. Hey! Welcome back to the MTA. I hope you'll enjoy your stay on here foxx ☺️
  12. Nice map and record, good job guys!
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