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  1. An amazing map guys ❤️ Really liked the song, it fits to the map so well. Also cool record!
  2. Hey! Welcome back to the MTA. I hope you'll enjoy your stay on here foxx ☺️
  3. Nice map and record, good job guys!
  4. First of all, thanks @xSimas for compiling the above discussions and write these glossaries which I find accurate and each specification represent itself very well. I actually believe we can create some kind of system that allow us to determine the maps based on glossary terms. I want to explain my way of thinking by giving an example: You guys must have heard or used some kind of food delivery website or application. When you order food and eat it, you can give ratings to restaurants based on Food Quality, Delivery Speed, etc. Imagine map as a food restaurant that only produce one food which we give ratings based on these glossaries. As Simas mentioned above, we(players) can use 1-10 scale to each term then system gathers the data which results average map point that judges the final decision of whether map is DM or HDM.
  5. Everything about this map is so good!!! I've not tried the map myself yet but I'm sure it will be an amazing experience. 💓 Good Job!!!! @FataL ❤️ Also @gerc is a legend. ▶️🎥
  6. Hello FoXX community. Here is my vol 1 and It's literally my first map ever. I hope you like it. ❤️ Subscribe to R3LAX : http://bit.ly/2fsz4qs Info: Songs used:▷ Project 46 & BYNON - Somebody New
  7. 1. Which is your arena of preference to play at: DM, HDM or both? DM 2. Please discuss the question of this topic: What makes a DM map HDM? Try to prove your point to everyone else: It's really hard to decide maps are whether DM or HDM nowadays. People add parts that's never seen before to their maps so It's hard to say that having one or two hard part makes the map HDM. For me; - If players do not go further in the map even map is frequently played, - Most of the players complain about the difficulty of the map, - Maps where you have to invest insane amount of time to be able to pass more than 5- 6 parts are one of the main reasons for me to decide the map whether it's DM or HDM. 3. Give some examples. If you could select some maps which, in your opinion, would ideally draw a line between the two arenas, what maps would those be and why? I can present Coronet vol2 and vol3 as examples which I've experienced on first hand. Coronet v2 is a map that you only need to know the parts to finish. Some parts are hard compared to normal DM maps but way too easy for average HDM players to pass it. Even most of the HDM players can finish Coronet vol 3. But the feature that makes Coronet v3 HDM is there are many tricky parts that you have know in order to pass the whole map. An average DM player needs to invest some time to understand the part tricks then pass the map.
  8. Thanks a lot Matren! These are awesome bro ❤️
  9. I let my kids watch 0:59 to increase their iq. Also an entertaining video 😄!
  10. Vildred

    On the Rise

    I just looked the screen for like 5 min when I saw my name on the Trials. It's just my first time of becoming a part of big community like this. I'd like to thanks FoXX for giving me a chance and I'm so excited to continue my journey with FoXX. Congratulations to all the new trials and thanks devs for working on this update. ❤️
  11. Nice map bro ''eline sağlık'' ❤️ It's nice to see a map that has my fav car
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