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  1. T-Name: PROOOOOOOOO · T-Logo: · T-Leader (with serial): Gteatero · T-Members (with serials): Piry Shine Naval Serial will be added soon
  2. Gteatero map in eP clan, free 2 pts
  3. Gteatero

    On the Rise

  4. Gteatero

    HDM WCF - Betting

    1- Naif 2- Tiven 3- Vander
  5. Thanks for using my maps, have fun playing bugged and bad mapped parts
  6. How could adding more maps destroy training arena? There are people who want to train RACE maps to get impossible tts, if there are OS maps(they are crap already) why not add RACE maps More maps = more competition = More players = i gay
  7. Hey all, my suggestion is add RACE maps in training arena, it would be useful, I hope you support my complex and hard to explain suggestion. Regards i = i
  8. Gteatero

    [DM] Gteatero

    USE HEADPHONES FOR A BETTER EXPERIENCE schizophrenia I will upload to FoXX server soon
  9. Gteatero

    HDM WCF - Betting

    G1: Audi, naif, Sappire G2: Ronaldo, Neksezi, Arrow
  10. Finally something good, good job
  11. 1- Years ago I was very interested in finishing maps into the traditional arenas, even I bought maps repeatedly just to have a toptime, I never passed a map in training because I wanted to finish it in any arena. I managed to pass difficult maps because I was motivated by how good my nickname looked in the list of toptimes, imagine seeing a single tt from Gteatero in Doomsday Ending, just epic. I liked that people saw me as a pro so I tried to tt on the most difficult maps from that era(2016), it motivated me a lot. Nowadays this is different for me, I don't care so much about having Toptime in some traditional arena due to the fact that the motivation is not the same and there are no maps that represent a real challenge apart from Progressive Torture, nowadays it is normal to see Someone finishing Overdose so I'm not motivated to finish it, New Age is considered as an "not really hard" map, even if someone see my name in New Age toptimes it won't be impressive. The worst thing is that nowadays doesn't matter the difficulty of the map, because it will have at least 3 tts in a week. I would go to the traditional arenas to try maps that are considered ultra buggy or awesome to see a tt, like Naval v2. Due to this situation, I prefer to do toptimes in training arena and thats why I rarely go to HDM arena, also I can try to finish maps anytime without spending $ 2- I like training because I can play the map that I want any time, in training arena I sometimes play maps that are unplayable in traditional arenas, such as Challenges, which need at least 10 redos to have a Toptime. I like to play alone or with friends, when a stranger spectate me, I use the option to disable spectators. 3- Si
  12. In-game name: Gteatero Country: Chile Serial: B938121DD251862599B38D93F6C38984 Discord: Fabidious#6890
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