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  1. Qwince

    On the Rise

    @gerc great video bro and congratz to the new trials
  2. Hello guys, this map is already afew weeks old but yet it's only posted on the FFS forum. The reason why i am making this thread is that i appreciate the work of all players who contribute their part to keep this community (FOXX) growing. I would like to take apart of this progress and the best thing i could do at the moment is to be as active as i can and share my contribution to this game right here. I think thats in the sense of my featuring partners. Of course i dont want to leave my friend riser outside. Credits: Lights: Audi A7 By Nitron (REMADE by Blueray : Pasted int hte Infernus) Infernus: RRecords infenrus by Blueray RRecords intro - By Riser
  3. Nice map bro but its true, somehow these many jumps destroying the mapflow. Especially those ones who are changing the direction more than 180 degrees.
  4. Qwince

    HDM WCF - Betting

    1st - AUDI2nd - Ronaldo3rd - NAiiF
  5. Nice guy, i would accept him and kick him, just to accept him again.
  6. I m with Quantum because Sealine is responsible for Adrenalinee Pure series. FakeDeath vs. Kiwi
  7. I play the guitar for years and thats where my old nick comes from ,Taylor‘ Guitars. My current Name is a producers name which i found on youtube.
  8. In-game name: Qwince Country: GER Serial: 22BS7900CF32BF18C89D00C0091F22F2F Discord: Qwince#2882
  9. Yo fellas, thanks to this video that i found this community.
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