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  1. In-game name: Foxik Country: Poland Serial: D652019D3E323D45A76F36D674EE5E63 Discord: Foxik#9382
  2. Hello there! We are finally back! There is no point in explaining the reasons behind such a long break, as they were already mentioned in the previous thread. Nonetheless, we are very glad to be able to bring some of the latest news from inside of our clan to all of you once again. The main focus of today's thread are our recent clan wars and tournaments that our members participated in, but we are also going to mention some roster changes. Let's begin. Clan wars & Tournaments Firstly, we would like to congratulate all of our members who managed to fulfill their goal in a HDM tournament organised by FFS. We are proud of every single one of them, but we would like to mark Alex and Flash out, as they were able to reach the grand final and finish as 2nd and 4th. Great job boys, keep it up. We hope that the performance of our members can be even better during the next edition of the tournament, but only the time can tell if it is going to happen. Moving on to more team-based events, our current form is average. We have been able to win most of our WFF games in Fast5's group, with the only exception being a match against FoXX, but we know that we could have done better in every one of them. F5's play-offs are starting soon and we still have some issues to solve, but we stay positive. Wish us luck. Even though our DM squad had a short break from playing clan wars, we are still willing to compete in that gamemode aswell. Our clan is actually going to face a strong opponent, Zephyros, this saturday. More details about that game can be found here. If you are curious about our current DM form, feel free to spectate the game live! Promotions & Leavings As mentioned before, a big part of today's news are roster changes. We would like to begin with promotions, as they are way easier to talk about. It has been a while since we promoted anyone, but it gave us more time to make sure that the contribution of our trials into the clan is always positive. With that being said, we would like to congratulate... eP!stormi eP!PCHZY eP!Mike eP!VespeR ...as they are now full members of our clan. Keep up the good work. Moving on to the sad part, we have also lost quite a few members. Here, in Elite Players, it is never easy to say goodbye, as we try our best to keep our relations and atmosphere as warm as possible, but we understand that sometimes it is better to just let it go. In today's thread we would like to bid farewell to one of our leaders, Wanz, and the following members: Partyz Baeza Ryder Kalkbrenner We really hope that you guys are going to be able to reach your goals, both in-game and outside of it. We wish you the best of luck and hope that we can still hang around on some servers from time to time. Join requests As you can see, our roster has sadly gotten a bit thinner. We know that keeping our clan active and competitive in clan wars requiers all of our members to stay interested and motivated. We think that nothing helps to achieve it as much as recruiting some fresh blood. With that being said, we announce that the join requests to our clan are now OPEN. If you would like to try becoming a part of Elite Players, feel free to check this thread out. Remember to follow the correct format. Good luck! That's pretty much it for today. We hope to see as many interesting join requests as possible, so do not hesitate to post one. Take care and stay tuned for upcoming threads! Yours faithfully, Foxik
  3. Can our enemies stop being dogshit thanks bye
  4. Hello there! It may feel like there wasn't enough time between our previous thread and this one for interesting things to happen, but the main focus of today's news is going to be put on the things that our clan plans to achieve in upcoming weeks, while the previous thread was mainly a description of the current situation inside of it. It means that we still have some exciting updates to share with you today. Another reason for a shorter break between threads is a fact that the next one might be coming much later than expected, but we will get to that a little bit further into today's news. Let's begin with something more standard. Comeback of competition As mentioned last time, neither WFF nor DM parts of Lucky Seven are going to be continued. It doesn't mean that clan wars are not going to happen though. Competition between clans is still a big thing for the community, so some clans decided to take the responsibility for preparing such events. MTA Community League (MCL) is a brand new, clan-based tournament organised by Iron Will. We were invited to both DM and WFF editions of it and we decided to accept both of them. We believe that some small, interesting changes that iW decided to make when it comes to the rules of matches in both gamemodes are going to make things fresh. They are not the only clan that decided to keep MTA competition alive though. Another tournament, Fast Five (F5), is a WFF-based event hosted by Force Out Xtreme (FoXX). It is interesting, because top clans are going to fight for some amazing prizes, while the spectators can enjoy the classic feel of clan-based WFF competition, as the rules are a mix of the most enjoyable and best working ones we have seen in recent years. We are very excited to be able to compete on a new ground, obviously. We believe that such a situation is a great opportunity to get some new motivation and a chance to prove our worth in both DM and WFF once again. Wish us luck in upcoming matches! Join Requests You can clearly see that eP is going to face some new challenges very soon. Therefore, it is not going to surprise anyone that we decided to recruit some new members to help us with achieving our goals. Before we welcome them, we are going to mention one of the reasons behind that potential, longer break before next news we wrote about a bit earlier. Join requests are now officially Closed. We are not sure about the amount of time they are going to stay in that state, so we will definitely keep you updated when anything changes. Let's get back to the more important part, which is connected with accepting new trials. Once again, we were lucky enough to get some really amazing join requests from people who are going to make our clan even better. We are sure about that, since... eP!Partyz eP!Kevin eP!PCHZY ...are some really well-known figures in the community of MTA. We are glad to have them on our side and we really hope that our further cooperation is going to be beneficial for both sides. Give them a warm welcome! Well, that's pretty much it for today. We managed to cover most of the interesting things that are going to happen to eP in the near future. As mentioned, you will probably have to wait a bit longer before we share another update about our situation, but we hope that waiting will be worth it. Take care. Yours faithfully, Foxik
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    Hello there! We are glad to welcome you once again. Today's news are going to be kinda special since, as you can see, our team decided to move to FoXX's forum. We feel like the right beginning is saying thank you to both FFS, for giving us a chance to create a subforum on their website and to use it for several months, but also to our new host for being cooperative, willing to help and also for giving us new possibilities. We really appreciate it from the both sides. Now, when we are done with that part, let's move to more basic updates, starting with clan-based competition. Tournaments As some of you might know, our squads managed to reach the grand final in both Lucky Seven WFF and DM. We were highly motivated and pretty well prepared, but in both cases our opponents turned out to be better. There are several reasons behind that, ranging from our enemies playing insanely well to other unexpected situations that we don't want to mention since we feel like the people behind them don't deserve more attention than they already got. With FFS claiming that those were the last seasons of Lucky Seven, at least for now, we would like to thank them for organising both tournaments for several years. There were both ups and downs on the way, but we believe that in the long term we all enjoyed them to some extent. We are not giving up on playing competitively though. There are new interesting events coming in upcoming weeks and months, but it's too early to share more details, so stay tuned. Roster Updates We would like to start this segment with giving a warm welcome to some of our old-time members, who have rejoined Elite Players recently. Welcome... eP!AleX eP!Hidin eP!Maybe ...we are glad to have you back. Enjoy your stay! Another thing that we would like to mention is a promotion of one of our previous additions. We congratulate eP!TK on passing his trial period and becoming a full member of our clan. Thank you for your dedication and impact on the team. Keep it up! The last important part of roster updates comes with new trials. We didn't recruit fresh blood since a pretty long time, so we hope that... eP!VespeR eP!Kalkbrenner eP!stormi eP!RYDER ...are going to be great additions for our clan, so it can continue to grow. Give them a warm welcome! That's it for today. We would like to thank both FFS and FoXX one more time, this and other news threads wouldn't be able to exist without their help. And since we are settling down in a new home, you can definitely expect more updates coming from our side in the near future. Take care! Yours faithfully, Foxik
  7. In-game name : Foxik Country : Poland Serial: D652019D3E323D45A76F36D674EE5E63 Discord : Foxik#9382
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