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  1. 1. Which is your arena of preference to play at: DM, HDM or both? DM 2. Please discuss the question of this topic: What makes a DM map HDM? Try to prove your point to everyone else: To me, the map's nature. It's pretty hard to explain but I think you can kinda tell whether a map was meant to be a skilled map or not by the kind of parts there are in it, or even the music sometimes kek 3. Give some examples. If you could select some maps which, in your opinion, would ideally draw a line between the two arenas, what maps would those be and why? There are many HDM maps in DM which are there because "they are easy", for example Zidra Skillz 2. To me it's 100% a HDM map, doesn't matter if it's not super difficult to pass. You have to slide, hold buttons, flip your car and shit like that, it's HDM. While Cosa_Nostra v9 is 100% a DM map, not sure what it's doing in the HDM arena
  2. SoniX was a very creative mapper but Ravolt had a bigger influence on the mapping scene Andro vs. Darius
  3. 5 year old me loved the first Fast & Furious movie. My child mind made up a universe where Brian from F&F was also the player in the Need For Speed games I was playing at the time. So the name just stuck with me, since I used it in every racing game I played
  4. Nickname, age and location: brian, 22, Hungary Tell us a bit about your MTA journey: I've been playing for almost 10 years. I had joined countless of teams before I finally came to my senses and realized what i wanted to do - which is mapping & taking care of a good community, their server and their mapbase. However I've been clanless ever since I left V and I wasn't really planning to join another one again, yet here I am... Previous clans and reasons for leaving: Way too many to list so I'll just name the ones that I think they matter. I also have horrible memory so even this little information might be incorrect. PiA - Leader, Map Manager (I think?) - Left because...I don't remember, I must have got bored or something ER - Leader, Map Manager - Closed V - Member, Map Manager - Left because of real life & personal issues Why do you want to be a part of our family? FoXX is the only server I've been playing on and I've been already trying to help y'all with whatever I can so I might aswell try to join the team. And also, less members seem to dislike me than I initially thought, which is cool. And now that the drama with -ffs- seems to be over I hopefully don't need to worry about getting involved in some useless beef I really don't care about. Which is the way you can help us to reach the top? Experience in mapping and maps in general; maturity; proper english; administrative, management and leadership experience. What social media do you use? Skype & Discord
  5. BriaN

    [FIXED]FDD Issues

    - Dead players' vehicles often don't disappear. This is a problem especially with big vehicles, because their collisions don't disable either. - The feature to make invisible objects visible is disabled in the room, but if you leave one of the DM arenas with the feature enabled at the time, it will also be enabled in FDD, without being able to turn it off.
  6. BriaN

    Some suggestions

    if having DVO's, Neons and a Garage is okay then im sure nobody would be bothered by a similar type of multiplier
  7. BriaN

    Some suggestions

    - The function which makes invisible objects visible should ask make airport roads double sided (on many maps the object is just turned upside down, but it's not invisible) - Cash & Points multiplier, like it was on ER. x2, x3 or x5 according to occasion (weekends, birthdays, holidays) - Map tracker - New Lobby background - Random rewards / Lucky wheel. Could be used as a reward to give out free spins, or spins could be bought for ingame money on the userpanel
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