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  1. Heyo. Yeeeah another old project from me finally finished , Nothing special to be honest but it was still something that I wanted to end myself , hope you still enjoy the map. Name of the song: Maduk - Go Back To The Jungle
  2. Heyo , you might have noticed that I'm not that much active lately and yeah I'm having some problems in the past few weeks , I finished this map like 2 or 3 months ago and i was searching for a recorder. The one i asked said in 2 weeks. Straight to the point this guy didn't had much time to spend recording my map so I came out with the conclusion to do it by myself. I just didn't wanted to record that beacuse my quality sucks and we all know that haha. I guess the v11 was pretty well made and well detailed , this time i wanted to focus a little more on new ideas "for me". I've just tried to do some experiments around and the final result in my opinion was not bad , it might look hard or bugged but its more easy than your mind thinks while watching it xD. Big credits to Gus for the cover carshade and Juampa for his amazing Bent Shade. As i said before dont judge my quality beacuse I already know its shit xD. Name of the song: Brennan Heart - If you fall , I'll catch you And yeah thats all , hope you enjoy the map as much i did while working on it. See ya around. 😛
  3. Good Luck best mapper.
  4. Carmine551


    What an amazing JR torque , big good luck!
  5. Best of luck for one of the greaters recorder we have on this game!
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