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  1. As I said before, reason of This topic is not me being innocent ( cuz I did talk too much yesterday ) but You choosing to mute me for 2 hour, which i consider kinda too much. Lets leave it there, I got no hate towards You. Mta comminity is small enough to create conficts inside it. I want equal punishments for people rather famous or well known in community and people like me (pleb). I mentioned problem above. lets close the topic and Shake hands like gentlemen.
  2. Thanks for replying, I got nothing against you muting theese people, those were apropriate, just used them as example. I'm gonna act as You said before, straight reports to staff, when there are too cruel examples of toxicity. Have a good night 🙂
  3. Well, saying " I got german girls fetish" is treated as racism, but Saying N word is considered as freedom of speech? If Ciffon did nothing wrong then why are You saying that I was treated unfairly and didnt get any warning. I understand You may treat it as racism but I've literally seen worse insults there and none of them was punished. Im hoping for further replies, explaining me that Ciffon did nothing wrong. Is racism gonna be treated all the same in every kind of situation, or only when admin gets triggered?
  4. Nickname(s) of the player(s)/admin(s): [FOXX] Ciffon Derogation: My nickname in-game is CJ Basically I just got my first mute ever and it's 2 hr??? while people are receiving 10 min mutes for spamming n word, or even not getting one for that, but we will move to that topic later 😉 Most of evidence is presented below, tho I need to agree I was joking before ( maybe twice ) about some german girls and stuff, nothing offensive cuz noone reacted to it like to most of my comments. Later this stuff happened. Let's talk about double standards, where certain people are not restricted for being toxic in much worse way ( joking about gas chambers- by admins too, n words, killing blacks, spamming K*S words ). I agree I'm not that popular on a server so I consider that as a mobbing from a kid abusing his powers, with high ego? Previously i didnt react to stuff happening on chat in toxic way, but now after receiving 2 HOURS MUTE?, for saying he is a virgin? Please let's be honest and consider that as abusing admin powers. Maybe I got too triggered, but think about it as about casual mute, did I really deserve 2 hours mute? Date and time the event happened(optional) 25.08.2020 ~ 22:15 CEST TIME. Any materials that can be used as a proof: Translated Text (If the materials provided are in a different language): Additional info: 5 mins ago 23:55 CEST, some random person got 45 min mute for 15 mins of constant provoking on global, IMAGINE, while I didnt even reveice a reason of a ban XDDD
  5. Really well made map. Good job guys! 🔥
  6. If u gay u in good luck 😊
  7. Thank You brotha ❤️
  8. Love love my sexy boy
  9. Nickname(s), real name, age and location: Hi! Most of You prolly know Me as CJ. My Real name is Karol and I’m 21, living in Warsaw, Poland Tell us a bit about your MTA journey: Bascially I started playing this game about 7 years ago (thats the date my ffs account was created so i guess it was about that). I was never into clans and stuff, so I actually never was in one. I remember I used to play on TG server most of a time, chillin with rafinha Maps. Previous clans and reasons why You left them: As I said im a virgin if u ask me about clans, but kinda wanna have my first time (˵ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°˵) I matured and think I’m ready to face This milestone. Why do You want to be part of a family: I met a lot of FOXX members and never got dissapointed, all of You are cool boys who arent so egoistic about being in clan. Also you prolly know me as a Server Clown, but i make banter cuz most of a time its just driving with no community colidations and thats why I’d like to introduce new players into server stuff, let them feel comfortable etc. Which is the way you Can help us get on top? As I said before keeping new players on server is very important and they usually get ignored. More players=Bigger Server Have You had any fights with foxx member: Yea Dred once flamed me on discord for being bad jungler in League of Legends XD What social media do You use: FB, instagram, whatsupp, discord, snapchat, and most importantly Tinder Additional informations: Being a clown on foxx server doesnt mean im retarded IRL. My sense of humour may not hit your expectations, but im trying my best ❤️
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