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  1. I'm not a fan of this to be honest. I'll try to be constructive to help you out in the future designs. In addition to what peek already said I feel like the visual hierarchy is off. The most important thing of this lobby is to let players join rooms therefore the call to action "join" should be the biggest, most prominent element that people notice straight away. In here I looked at multiple things first cause these were bigger before even noticing the join button
  2. I like this one. You are missing contrast on the colour buttons though
  3. I understood this as you were muted for an use of the n word. In that case if you got muted for "I got german girls fetish" then I would agree that you got punished wrongfully and there should be no mute at all. I will leave the rest of handling this to others, regards.
  4. There's two sides to this whole thing. Yes you are correct, you were treated unfairly because I have seen people in the community say nasty things but it always seemed like there's a very liberal approach to the freedom of expression that's resulting in us not punishing really offensive slurs. Not only you were muted for something others are not getting muted for but the duration seems quite long to as you claim it was done without the warning. On the other hand you were muted for racism and on the screenshots you have provided you are disrespecting an admin by calling him an 19 yo virgin with an ego boost and a kid. Our guidelines clearly state that we are allowed to mute for racism without a warning and the suggested duration is not provided so Ciffon didn't really do anything wrong, therefore I would say the report against him is invalid. What this case brings, however is the fact that we're allowing too much. If people are freely expressing speech of hate, jokingly are not it's nothing good since ignorance is compliance. To add a note on the "n" word. Me and you are both Polish so we will never fully understand the consequences of using this word and what it means to black people, especially living in the western world. It will be far more respectful if people, not just you refrain from using it. Regards,
  5. I apologize for my behaviour
  6. If LittleViki joins then boy oh boy.... SWEET HOME ALABAMA
  7. WCF Finals / 10
  8. Tarin

    On the Rise

    Copy paste level foxx, the other clan already announced a garage Congrats trials, welcome to a place where darkyz will weeb the shit out of you
  9. good effort for the first map imo. keep mapping
  10. This map is okay DarkyZ is gay
  11. You are a legend in this community
  12. Tarin

    Epic Quotes

    FoXXZeeT: so i fucked that asian girl and she got really into it and while she had her orgasm i kinda thought of tarin cuz he said "asian girls love white cock" and i just thought damn he so right Thanks for thinking about me when having sex bro. I feel special now
  13. Tarin

    Summer for us!

    Enjoy your ban on ffs xoxoxoxo
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