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  1. Nickname(s), real name, age and location: My name is Daniel, I'm 21 years old and live in Germany. From 2011 - 2018 I've used the nickname Infra. Now it's dnlk. Tell us a bit about your MTA journey: It all began in 2011 when I found a SA-MP Server called New Dawn, at first I wasn't very interested in it because I couldn't figure out what to do. But once I kinda got a hang of it, it kinda grabbed me and wouldn't let me go anymore. I've played on that Server until 2018 when it closed. In that time I've been a member of the 3 top clans, joined the staff and eventually became the developer of the server. Sometime in 2012 MTA has caught my eye so I tried it out, however, I didn't feel like MTA was the right thing for me so I didn't really actively play it. (That forcefully changed when New Dawn closed in 2018) So there I was, New Dawn closed and I started actively playing MTA. Until now I've only played on *they who must not be named*, where I joined Fucking Extreme in 2016. [Some time passes... ] And here we are in 2020. I'm helping countless mappers with scripts for their maps, I'm hosting several mapping servers for free, I'm developing useful functions (such as easeGameSpeed 😉, use it!) and resources for mapping (soon). Previous clans and reasons for leaving: SA-MP: eXs (circa 2012 - 2014), Member - Closed dWa (circa 2014 - 2015), Member - Left For The Win (circa 2015 - 2018), Member - Closed, kinda? MTA: XR (circa 2012-2013 ?), Member - Closed Encore (2020), Web Developer - Closed Why do you want to be a part of our family? Unlike a lot of previous clans and servers, FoXX has a lot of potential. I've been looking for a nice place to settle down, and I'm pretty certain that I found it. Which is the way you can help us to reach the top? I could help with anything development related (Web & Gameserver Development ; doubt that's needed though, as you've got some competent people for that already). I'm experienced and my personality is also pretty nice. What social media do you use? Discord - dnlk#1337 Additional information (if needed): This is my first ever join request for a clan, plz don't hurt me
  2. Daniel K. much creativity
  3. dnlk


    easeGameSpeed What it does: The code: easeGameSpeed = function(value, duration, callback) local self = { startTick = getTickCount(), initialGameSpeed = getGameSpeed(), duration = duration or 1500, value = value, callback = callback } self.doGameSpeedEasing = function() local progress = (getTickCount() - self.startTick) / ((self.startTick + self.duration) - self.startTick) local fAnimationTime = getEasingValue(progress, 'InOutQuad') local gameSpeed = self.initialGameSpeed + ((self.value - self.initialGameSpeed) * fAnimationTime) setGameSpeed(gameSpeed) if progress >= 1.0 then setGameSpeed(self.value) removeEventHandler('onClientRender', root, self.doGameSpeedEasing) if type(self.callback) == 'function' then self.callback() end end end addEventHandler('onClientRender', root, self.doGameSpeedEasing) end Example usage: local c00lSlowmotion = createMarker(1337.0, 420.0, 69.0, 'corona', 248, 24, 148, 255) addEventHandler('onClientMarkerHit', root, function(player) if player ~= localPlayer then return end local vehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle(player) if not vehicle then return end if source == c00lSlowmotion then easeGameSpeed(0.5, 1500, function() -- Transition to a gamespeed of 0.5 within 1500 milliseconds -- This code is run after the transition has finished -- We could now revert the gamespeed back to 1.0 either with or without a delay -- With a delay: setTimer(function() easeGameSpeed(1.0, 2500) -- Transition back to a gamespeed of 1.0 within 2500 milliseconds after 1000 milliseconds end, 1000, 1) -- Or without a delay: easeGameSpeed(1.0, 2500) -- Transition back to a gamespeed of 1.0 within 2500 milliseconds immediately -- alternatively you can not use the callback and use a second marker that'd revert the gamespeed back to 1.0 end) end end) Feel free to contact me on Discord if you need help dnlk#1337
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