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  1. From an UX point of view, these popup windows should be triggered by a hover, otherwise the user has to click on two small areas to open & close the popups. Hovering over the big cards would also save the user two clicks. Adding a sliding effect from the bottom edge to the windows, would also fit in very well imo. But it looks nice, keep it up.
  2. Nickname(s), age and location: Peek, 22, Switzerland Tell us a bit about your MTA journey: Since my MTA journey is still quite fresh, I'd rather talk about my SA-MP career, where I found my first MGM server (which was called New Dawn) around 2013 and immediately fell in love with the DM mode. I was fascinated by the concept of being able to play on Trackmania-like maps in SA-MP that were built by the community. After I slowly got the hang out of it, I received my first clan invitation and was able to compete against other clans in clanwars. In the following years I gained a lot of experience in different clans and eventually joined the development team of the said server. After the server closure back in 2017 (iirc), there were no good alternatives in SA-MP, so I built a new server together with Infra and tried to keep the DM scene in SA-MP alive. Unfortunately we didn't succeed - the demand was too low and most of the players had already switched to MTA. Later on, I became inactive for a while and decided early this year to start playing again my beloved gamemode, but this time on MTA. A member of my ex-clan brought me to FoXX, and eventhough I got quite rusty, I still got hooked on the mode again. And here I am - writing my very first join request in MTA. Previous clans and reasons for leaving: +-----+----------------+-----------+---------------+ | Tag | Clan | Rank | Reason | +-----+----------------+-----------+---------------+ | HB | Halunken Bande | Co-Leader | Closed | +-----+----------------+-----------+---------------+ | GjA | Ganja | Member | Closed | +-----+----------------+-----------+---------------+ | US | UnSkilled | Co-Leader | Closed | +-----+----------------+-----------+---------------+ | FTW | For The Win | Member | Server closed | +-----+----------------+-----------+---------------+ Why do you want to be a part of our family? Cuz DarkyZ said so. Jokes aside, in my opinion FoXX is full of fun and interesting people and I think I would fit in well there. Which is the way you can help us to reach the top? I would love to participate in clanwars again and support FoXX in the process. I would also like to use my experience in administration to help moderate the server better, I think this will become more and more important, especially with an increasing number of players. Have you ever had any fights with one of our members? If so why and with who? I can't remember having fights with anyone. I'm sure there were one or two small discussions, but they were clarified in an objective and mature manner. What social media do you use? Steam, Discord (pkfln#1337), Twitter, GitHub Additional information (if needed): If you have any questions feel free to ask, otherwise I thank you for reading my join request. 🙂
  3. Peek

    [DM] Peek v3 - Howling

    I'd count blue and green as my favorite colors. I've reworked some parts so that they also work with the serversided 51 FPS cap (+ Download Link).
  4. Hello It's been a few years (5, to be precise) since I last opened the map editor in MTA. Since I started playing on FoXX, I felt like starting a map and here it is after a few weeks - Howling. I lack a creative streak, so I'm not very good at decorating and after weeks of procrastination on the part of @Xer0, who actually agreed to take on the decorative part of the map, I took matters into my own hands and started decorating it. Even though I just managed to decorate it to a level so that you don't get eye damage, I think I definitely did a better job on the track of the map. Video: (I made this in 30 mins, don't judge ) Credits: @Peek - Map @dnlk - Deco ideas & object suggestions Download: https://mega.nz/file/SQ0zxJbI#fu0ZZBQB1_laeuWRHzQ6NOM7pPMrVw4W1-1nHo9Of60 (60 FPS version) https://mega.nz/file/PJV3VYxA#rMb2cN0J5L-aB4RjhkEk5JI3jh3wpYVTG7FeGBrBvTM (51 FPS version)
  5. Peek

    [HDM] ZeeT - SHITMAP

    I'm speechless.
  6. Peek

    The Big Reveal

    Awesome update, I will be spamming /gamble all day long until I'm broke. 😄 PS: The CTF Map Tutorial thread seems to be hidden for the public.
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