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  1. Thanks Rhae for the record 😄
  2. msiiiiiiiii thx gercazo ❤️
  3. Hello everyone. I'm going to cancel my Join Request for FoXX i hope you understand me and don't get angry about my drop in arms to join the clan, i'm going to join a clan of some friends of mine and i will support you in everything It is necessary for the Latin clan to grow, i wanted to join foxx because of the members who are super friendly and the community too, but my friends call me xd i love them all ❤️ sry. I hope that in the future foxx will remain on my feet and so will i, to be able to join this beautiful clan. 😉Chipy.
  4. i love u qwince ❤️
  5. Good Luck bro ❤️
  6. CANCELED sorry boyz ❤️
  7. Hello everyone. I want to present a new ft request from CzerkA and he are in search of one more member for this incredible map night, if you want to finish it get in touch with him Discord: CzerkA / batu#9801 Skype: dublex.mta •Available 1080p •If you want me to record you map, contact me: Discord: Chipy#8663 Song: BÔN - Drunk In Love •Best Regards Chipy
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