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  1. Chipy

    Ho Ho Ho!

    where is the new trial @ShockOne 😕 gg new trials, prooooo explo and santj gz
  2. uf mapazo @UppeR @CzerkA and record @Tick❤️❤️
  3. In-game nick: R#XIPYYY Serial: C7286C31653C19B1D98746FCF181E9B2 Submission Category/(-ies) (Christmas Scenery/Christmas Ride/Forum Banner): Christmas Ride Name of your content (optional): CATCH XMAS Discord: Chipy#6137
  4. 😮 ELeMenT no sabia esa xddd wenardoooo.. buena suerte santi ❤️
  5. UUUUFF ExplO gl bro ❤️❤️
  6. msiiiiiiiii i love u arrow ❤️
  7. ty tick ❤️ iloveu
  8. In-game nick: RChipy Serial: C7286C31653C19B1D98746FCF181E9B2 Event Category (Forum Banner / Topic Banner): both Name of your content (optional): idk(? CHPWEEN Discord: Chipy#6137
  9. Thanks Rhae for the record 😄
  10. msiiiiiiiii thx gercazo ❤️
  11. Hello everyone. I'm going to cancel my Join Request for FoXX i hope you understand me and don't get angry about my drop in arms to join the clan, i'm going to join a clan of some friends of mine and i will support you in everything It is necessary for the Latin clan to grow, i wanted to join foxx because of the members who are super friendly and the community too, but my friends call me xd i love them all ❤️ sry. I hope that in the future foxx will remain on my feet and so will i, to be able to join this beautiful clan. 😉Chipy.
  12. i love u qwince ❤️
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