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  1. Nao.#


    Hey, Just joined the server because i received some screenshots of ciffon talking shit about me and saying bullshits: Then i got banned without any reason, same for zjk 🙂 Nao.#
  2. useless comments i lock until someone take care of this
  3. Nao.#

    On the Rise

    Cool thing with this infernus, nohear keep releasing new parts and we can upgrade it frequently.
  4. Nao.#

    On the Rise

    It come from old system need to found a way to add you back 🙂 but dont worry ^^
  5. Tentimes god, dark doomsday II now plz
  6. Nao.#

    Moving in

    Welcome everyone 😉
  7. Best perf for me 😄
  8. Now I know how to pass a loop faster 😁
  9. And if its not enough clean your resources folder
  10. Nao.#

    Reporting "N3xT".

    RIP N3xt 2K20
  11. ##744400Pro#c0c0c0Gear connected (Serial: 4912368001AD1013F723EFD1556D6984
  12. Permanent since he got muted permanently already
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