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    Happy Halloween

    By CzerkA,


    Hello Community!

    Today we bring you the long-awaited news and also to celebrate the incoming Halloween in advance. Firstly, I'd like to start talking about Fast5. It had great success, and all these were just for the group stage. A lot more is on the way to come. Once again, we'd like to thank each clan and their representatives for trusting us and having their faith in the first-ever clan wise tournament held by FoXX. Seeing it going this far without coming across any problem is exalting us. However, with the end of the group stage, two teams unfortunately got eliminated. We'd like to thank them for their hard work to survive in this tournament and giving their best they could. I'm afraid, it is what it is though. Nevertheless, it's neither a goodbye nor a farewell. We will surely see you guys again in the Season II of Fast5.


    I'd also like to point out that I'm proud of my team and what we have become. Showing great performances in the tournament, finishing the group stage with the highest points without losing or having a match ended draw. Nothing can describe the beauty of this.  Great job everyone, you're the best and I'm proud of all of you.

    Circumstantially, the Fast5 Shooter is coming on soon! Even though he retired from the game, @CIFFON didn't want to let us down so he'll take care of the whole tournament.


    Halloween Event

    Once again Happy Halloween in advance! Today we present to you our newest challenge that we created for you. This time it will be totally different from the events you've seen in-game. You'll be expected to design a topic banner and a forum banner that you see on the top. Of course, to follow the format of Halloween, it should be spooky!

    There will be one winner for each category, so in case you win in the topic banner category don't expect to be the winner of the forum banner as well, because that might change. However, you can submit designs for both categories. To submit your designs, there will be a channel created on discord, so you can post it there. Also, since we've covered the artistic part of event announcements, we're also bringing something exciting that you can do together with your friends in order to win a huge prize. Our 2nd event will be about content creating, the top 3 best clips involving crazy/funny/insane moments will take home the prize. Huge thanks and credits go to @xSimas for putting this forward.

    Here's how it works:

    1. Multiple submissions per account are allowed. A single submission should showcase a single moment of your choice. Do not create montages.

    2. The video must be shot in the server belonging to FoXX (main/clan wars/etc). If there are no identifying UI elements clearly visible in the video, it will not be deemed as a valid entry.

    3. In case you shoot a video of someone else, they will obtain equal rights to the prize: if there are X parties involved in the shooting of the video, the prize will be split into X pieces.

    3.1. This rule does not completely apply to cases like FDD, e.g.: if there are 3-5 people clustered near one another and a 6th player hits them with a destructive vehicle, we will judge which parties are the most relevant to the effect that the clip holds.

    4. Videos must be uploaded to safe platforms, e.g.: YouTube, Vimeo, Streamable, or in case you are a live streamer on Twitch, we accept links to the clips as well. 5. Creativity and your imagination is the only limit! Recommended software for recording: Xbox Game Bar (Win 10 users), Nvidia Shadowplay, OBS Studio. (More suggestions are welcome!)

    The deadline is 01.11 23:59 CEST, don't miss it!


    Forum Banner Winner
    750.000$ in-game money & 30 days donator.
    Topic Banner Winner
    750,000$ in-game money & 30 days donator.
    Spooky Entertainer
    750,000$ in-game money & 30 days donator.


    Plans, Future & Development

    Lately, many individuals have been upset because there's no progress when it comes to development matters. Some might even consider us as a lost cause because of a new rival showing up.. I can happily say that we didn't give up, and we'll never give up. We have our plans, and they're coming sooner than you think. Be prepared for what's coming and may the best team win 🔥


    P.S: To the developers in MTA, we can work with Dx as well. Enjoy while it lasts.




    New Trials & Promotions

    Last but not least, we're finally here with our newest trials. As you might've seen it took longer than it usually does, that is because we understood that being plenty and doing frequent recruitment isn't healthy. So we decided to keep the applying phase longer from now on. That will help us notice how much an individual is willing to join and test their loyalty. Let's get to the new trials.



    • @Athena has been given a trialship.
    •  @snafi has been given a trialship.

    Congratulations to both for their loyalty and huge interest to join our family! Hope you will do well and prove why you were picked. Welcome to FoXX!



    Now the most exciting part for the clan members is coming. The ones who got promoted showed huge interest in the last couple of months and proved themselves worthy.

    • @UppeR has been promoted to Community Managership.
    • @xSimas has been promoted to Community Assistant.
    • @Kirill has been promoted to Event Managership.
    • @Kevson has been promoted to Event Managership.
    • @SprunkZ has been promoted to Development.
    • @Tarin has been promoted to Development.
    • @dnlk has been promoted to Development.

    And lastly but most importantly, a new addition to the leadership. @N3xT has been promoted to Leadership due to his hard work over time and showing a solid personality proving him as a worthy person to be a leader in this clan. Congratulations mate, you truly deserved it.



    The Play-offs stage is soon to start, matchings, and the dates are already determined. If you want to check against whom FoXX is playing feel free to check this link.

    Lastly, I'd love to thank a person who made this real. @Memphis Your hard work and ambition got us where we are right now. Some might say that you're not that good of a player and so on, but that doesn't change the fact which is how you trained and made this team go further in the competitive scene. You're one of the best CW Managers and Team Captains I've ever seen throughout my MTA History. May your wishes and dreams come true, good luck in the future my friend, enjoy retirement. You'll be missed.
    (p.s- if you ever consider returning to MTA, we'll be waiting for you with open arms)


    Yours faithfully,
    CzerkA & Force Out Xtreme Leadership.

    On the Rise

    By CzerkA,


    Hello Community!

    Today here we are with another great news! We're always happy to do those announcements and once again, we bring you another update. We have been working hard to bring new features to our community. Thanks to our efforts and the time we spent on working, we managed to bring great features.

    The main update we are bringing is for the Garage. When there is something that you can express by showing it, expressing with words is a bad option right?

    So let's watch it!


    Not only that, but we also brought Donation Logs. Since there were some people scamming the admins with good heart making them think they donated when they did not donate at all, to provide a fair and a better atmosphere in the community and especially for the donators, with the donation logs update we will now be able to track the ones who derive an improper personal benefit.




    We finally made our Clan Wars Page (WIP) as well, if you want to see our clan war results, you can check it under Clan section on forum.



    Now it is also possible to see who we had in FoXX in our past. You can visit our Former Members page (WIP) under Clan section on forum.





    WCF Season I

    I'd like to congratulate each and every player who participated in the first season of WCF. Top-3 winners now can find their badges on "Awards" page. Streamers and Referees can also find themselves earning a badge there as well.




    Trials & Promotions

    Now that we are done showing our new features, we can start announcing people whom we picked as trials.

    • @gerc has been given a trialship.
    • @xSimas has been given a trialship.
    • @dnlk has been given a trialship.
    • @Torque has been given a trialship.
    • @Vildred has been given a trialship.
    • @kirill85 has been given a trialship.

    Congratulations to all of you, I hope you do well on your trial period and make it to the membership by proving yourselves as worthy individuals. I hope you enjoy the great atmosphere we have. Now let's move on with the promotions. They all proved themselves to earn their full membership in the clan.

    • @CIFFON has been promoted to full membership.
    • @Anwix has been promoted to full membership.
    • @kyoto has been promoted to full membership.
    • @Zebra has been promoted to full membership.
    • @Azula has been promoted to full membership.

    It was all for today’s news, we all hope you appreciate our hard work on making community happier. 


    Yours faithfully,
    CzerkA & Force Out Xtreme Leadership.


    Summer for us!

    By CzerkA,



    Hello Community!

    Today we bring you our one of the most important news we've ever brought. We've grown a lot since the day we created our own forum. Not only development-wise but also clanwise. When we started all this, we were just twelve people struggling to survive with our glorious clantag. Now, everything has changed. We have a server, which constantly gets updated thanks to our development staff, with stable playerbase, a forum that slowly increasing its' popularity. And we have over fourty beloved members in our clan. It's not a one man's job of course, we need to be grateful and thankful to everyone that played a part along this journey.


    FoXX Welcomes the New Members of Our Family! ❤️

    As I said above, we've grown a lot, which led to moving of two popular clans to our forum. Elite Players and International Team. We're so proud and happy to have such teams in our family as they refused to bend the knee to some communities and rejected their dictatorship. We're very excited to have them here and share the same atmosphere. I hope we can provide everything they need.


    WCF ─ Semi Finals

    This tournament was FoXX's first attempt of organizing one. And seeing the tournament got this far with high interests thanks to you, made all of us happy and eager to organize other events/tournaments. Each and every one of the group matches were intense and enjoyable. The ones who got eliminated do not feel any sadness or anger towards this game, no matter how ridiculous fails you got and how unlucky you were, each and every match was enjoyable to watch. We're sure you'll do better on WCF Season II.


    Brand New Tournament ─ Fast5

    We're honored to present you our newest tournament Fast5! It's a clan-based WFF tournament which will include ten clans competing with each other. Feel free to take a look at its' thread.


    Trials & Promotions

    Of course an announcement thread without trials and promotions wouldn't be real at all. I'm pleased to say that we had great applicants. We had hard time choosing the best possible applicant for ourselves since this is our last recruitment, we won't be recruiting any applicants for a while.

    So here are the new blood:

    ... and the promotions:

    @#Sprite has been promoted to full membership
    @Geass has been promoted to WFF CW Managership


    It was all for today's news. I hope you are excited as we are for our incoming projects and plans. Have a good and enjoyable evening.


    discord (1).png

    Join our Discord

    Yours faithfully,
    CzerkA & FoXX Leadership.

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